Who we are
Mentor of the brand trajectorias arte & acessórios, after five years, the passion for the artistic world defines her dedication exclusively to her own pieces in different areas: jewelry - casual, bridal and ceremony, accessories and paint. With this matter fully assume the name that is behind every creation and there borne- Silvia Teles art & accessories, in an intimate space with personalized service and by appointment.

All pieces are unique, having authentic DNA. The designer give forms to a multiplicity of tastes, needs and desires, taking advantage of a huge variety of materials.
May also be executed that piece that you conceived or mere stones you have can gain amazing shapes. The baptism complements as boxes, candles, seashells are also defined according what itch client demands.
Within the bridal Complements it executes books of honor, rings supports, bride’s flutes and Bijou Bouquet. The oil painting in her hands becomes personalize paint.
Taking advantage of the junction between painting and photographs of the bride and groom creates an unusual wedding placard. It is something unique which can later integrate in any room in the house of the bride and groom.

“This is the open door to reinvention of bridal accessories, adding the necessary doses of creativity and sensitivity in order to establish originality and personality…It is a response to the wishes of the bride and groom? Yes It is. But it is also an amazing interpretation of the imagery." Magazine Noivas de Portugal, 31, January 2011.

For the bride, that the most important day of your life where everything must be perfect. For that particular situation or for those simply looking for a touch of originality to your daily life, Sylvia Teles, seeks to respond to what you want.
With the development of their work requests to creating accessories for theater, video clips, fashion shows, photographic productions, etc are also common.